The Need for Networking

By Kyle O'Malley- PYP Vice President

Pullman, Washington - the promised land, paradise, home. Whatever you call Pullman - this community has a special place in each of our hearts.

While some might consider this just a small college town surrounded by farmland - the rapid development of global businesses, nonprofits, and community development plans have proven otherwise. As this city grows, the need for networking and connecting with like-minded, young professionals has never been greater.

While yes, we all have crazy schedules and it can be easy to blow of the importance of attending regular networking events - here’s just a few healthy reminders/benefits to consider next time you have the opportunity to experience a Pullman Young Professionals event:

1. Close Connections = Strong Communities

We all need a friend or two. Getting out of the office and meeting with people in a fun social environment is crucial to personal and community wellness. Having a sense of community and camaraderie creates a closer bond between the people you share this city with. Simply put, a community that is connected is a stronger community. The exchanging of ideas, businesses cards, experiences, advice, and expertise is a simple way to build value with like-minded individuals. It just might lead to an exciting new partnership or way for you to grow your friend-list. Plus, it never hurts to enjoy a happy hour...

2. Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.

-Paul J. Meyer

With the rise of social technology, face-to-face communication is needed now more than ever. If you’re looking to improve your in-person communication skills, attending networking events is the perfect opportunity to do so! Being able to effectively relay your skills, your pitch, or your venture(s) takes practice. By regularly dedicating your time to honing the skills of interpersonal communication - you are simply crafting yourself as a more balanced professional. It never hurts to kill the amount of screen time we all spend on social media and engage in a collaborative conversation over a cocktail and appetizer.

3. Your Personal Brand is Everything

In a small town like Pullman, who you are and the image/brand you create for yourself spreads quickly. No matter your career or status in life - having a positive reputation never hurts and as young professionals it could lead to exciting new career opportunities or partnerships. By attending networking events, you are just giving yourself the chance to share who you are with people who will support your ambitions (no matter how crazy!). We all love to talk about what excites us or our professional passions and the easiest way to share who you are is at networking events.

4. Explore the Unknown

While we each have our own backgrounds and areas of expertise, there are still infinite unknowns to explore in life. Whether it be a hobby, profession, or upcoming event in Pullman - networking events provide you the opportunity to discover something new you may have been completely unaware of. That unknown might just be a life-altering career change, a new business partner, or a passion to dive yourself into.

To quote Helen Keller on exploring the unknown - “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

Everything is just a matter of perspective and now that you know the vital importance of networking, you might just have a newfound appreciation for it. That appreciation should turn into a sense of urgency to attend the next, local networking opportunity for you.

We all tend to have a million reasons to do or not to do something in this crazy thing we all call life - but taking the time to connect with your community, spark collaborative conversations, and discover new things simply adds to the quality of life you experience.

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